Hi, my name is Louise and I am the proud owner of Dig My T-Shirt.

As with a lot of people the desire to be my own boss and have control of my own destiny was the driving force behind starting my business. So in 2006, we opened our EBay outlet selling a limited line of t-shirts and tops at competitive prices, and have not looked back since.

Over the last ten years we have seen a lot of change, our lines have increased, we branched out into Amazon and developed our website, and have now gone full circle with the opening of our first shop in our local town of Newent in Gloucestershire.

Some of our lines in our shop in Newent Gloucestershire.

It has been a fun decade with its share of ups and downs, but we are looking forward to whatever the next ten years hold. We have had the pleasure of making over 130,000 transactions on EBay alone over the last ten years, and knowing that you are providing something that people want to make a living is truly a rewarding experience.

So if you are in the Newent area, please feel free to pop in and say hello, we would love to see you.


Dig My T-Shirt